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Upcoming Events

Saturday December 13th 1997 9PM-8AM
Shy Productions and VR Productions Present

two floors of boomin sound Location: The Municiple Cafe 485 Main Street, Hartford Connecticut Tickets: $15 headlining deejays: Kelly Reverb (Southside Reverb/ESP-SUN Records, Texas) Scotty Marz (King Size/ESP-SUN Records, Connecticut) Kliprock (Uptown Underground Records, NYC) Future Funk (Uptown Underground Records, NYC) Dread (Uptown Underground/VR Productions, Connecticut) Tommy Tunes (Digital Domain, NYC) Justin Johnson (Satellite, King Size, NYC) JaeSun (Satellite, NYC) Mark Bee (New Jersey Underground) Glenn Garcia (New Jersey Underground) Venom (Volume, Rhode Island) Russ Urban, Entropika, Upstate NY) KC (Family, NYC) Guillaume (Family, NYC) Kered (Nocturnal Productions, Connecticut) Ronald (VR Productions, Connecticut) Hunter (Hysteria Music, NYC) Gilligan (Shy Productions, Seattle) DJ Shy (Shy Productions, Connecticut) Dan Garcia (Shy Productions, Connecticut) Dave Warlock (Shy Productions, Connecticut) Main Info Lines: Shy: 860.586.1129, VR: 860.231.2372, Nocturnal: 806.482.4428 EMAIL:

Nocturnal Experience Continues...

Saturday, December 20th, 1997
Hartford Connecticut
$15 (advance tickets are available)
Main info:  860.482.4428
Headlining Deejays: DB (Breakbeat Science, SM:)LE Records, NYC) Deep C (Wamdue Kids, Strictly Rhythm, Philly) Pete Moss (611 Records, Philly) Scott Richmond (Satellite Records, NYC) Mr. Kleen (Satellite Records, NYC) Dread (VR Productions, Connecticut) James Fusion (Phuture, Elm City Wax, Connecticut) Venom (Volume, Rhode Island) Kered (Nocturnal, Connecticut) Dara (Breakbeat Science, NYC) DJ Tact (Symbiotic Love Records, NYC) Bingus Khan (Energy! Boston) DJ Leo (Phuture, Connecticut) Ronald (VR Productions, Connecticut) Knowledge (Columns of Knowledge, Connecticut) Danny Garcia (Shy, Connecticut) NC-17 (Techtonics, Connecticut) Shy (Shy Productions, Connecticut)

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