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"Breakin the Beats"

Funky Acid Breaks

November 1997

90 Min


This tape has a lot of new and classic older funky breaks. Electro, Old School, Big Beat... All wicked selections. Artists range from Mighty Dub Kats to the Freska All Stars.

Patti & Matt M.

"Ex-Mas Grooves"

Matt's side: Speed Garage

Patti's side: Disco House, Funky Breaks

December 1997

90 Min


This tape is one you don't want ot miss. Side one featuring Flex Record's DJ Matt M spinning a truly mind boggling set of speed garage (house beats crossed with jungle bass and plenty of ragga samples). Side two features Patti playing a broad range of styles from Disco House to Funky Breaks (including the new Uberzone single "The Freaks" and Simply Jeff's new remix "Waiting for Whatever"). All seamlessly mixed.

The music on this tape is what's gonna be large in '98!



Acid Breaks, Electro

November 1996

90 Min


This tape is the chock full of the wickedest breaks from the end of last year. Artists range from Crystal Method to Simply Jeff. All fat breaks, no bullshit.



Side one: Down Tempo Side two: House/Breaks

March 1996

60 Minutes


Side A is some of the smoothest trip hop, balearic, dub style beats. Side two is older breaks and house. All classic tunes. Labels range from Hardkiss to Hard Hands.

Son Of David


Drum N Bass

December 1996

60 Minutes


This tape is outdated as far as Drum n Bass goes, however it has some of my favorite tunes from last year and it's mixed tight. Mixed by Son of David (who's also the co-owner of Flex Records)

All mix tapes are recorded on Maxell XLII CD quality cassettes.

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