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Metro L.A. "Twist Me Up" Bassex

This is the newest record from Bassex, a label that's know for it's funky breaks and West Coast house. The best track is the original mix which is a break, with a Bassbin Twins sound to it. Very funky, and very slammin at the same time. Sure to be a popular tune in the next few months at parties across the nation.

UberZone "The Freaks Believe in Beats" City of Angels

I usually don't like too much off City of Angels these days since Crystal Method hit MTV/Superstar status. However, Uberzone seem to come correct with their unusual sounding electro breaks. This record has two slammin cuts, my favorite of the two called "the Freaks" which is very trippy but danceable at the same time. This tune made it on my newest tape called "Ex-Mas Grooves".

BT "Love Peace and Grease" Kinetic

I know, you probably are questioning my tastes if BT made it on my reviews page but I gotta say this doublepack EP is worth it's price for one tune "BT's Puma Fila Remix". It's an awesome funky break that is so slammin I have kids beggin me to play it when I spin out. It also features a mix by UberZone and Mantronix which are pretty good but not anything I use.

Deep Red "Live + Direkt" Primal

Here's a great domestic 12" that reminds me of early Dust Brothers. Heavy beats that are relatively hard but still funky. This isn't really an acid break but it's got that chemical beat to it. Definitely worth checkin out.

2 Fat Buddhas VS Fat-Head "Into Battle EP" Freskanova

As usual Freskanova pumps out a quality record full to the rim with 4 fat funky breaks. Each tune with a distinct hip hop feel, the only complaint is the overuse of guitars. Although my favorite tune on the 12" "Cut The Music" has a catchy riff that sounds really fresh. Don't sleep on this shit! Grab it if you see it.

Underground Distortion "Everythin' Is Large" Satellite Recordings

This record has one def break and two pretty unoriginal house tracks. Even though this remix EP of the speed garage hit is an import it's well worth it for the one tune called "Everythin' Is Large (On the Pound Mix)" One wicked funky break with a catchy sample from the dancehall artist Shaggy. Check this one if you see it!

Elite Force "Cool Like The Man" Fused and Bruised Recordings

This record is dope enough to grace my new tape "Breakin the Beats", Nuff Said!! Side A is a funky big beat manifesto, with nice acid and other noises. Very chunky feel to it but wicked nonetheless! The other side is a little mellower but still is a good listener, although not so good for the dance floor, better for the mid-tempo set.

The Avenging Godfather vs Kingsize "Move and Groove" ESP-SUN

This is definitely the best record out on ESP-SUN in a while. Funky house and funky breaks make this 12" the domestic to grab next time at the shop. Same intense bassline in all the tunes, the only main difference between the tracks is house beats and one track with the pumpin' break. Another must-have rec.

Fat Boy Slim "The Beat Burger EP" Astrelwerks

This record is a really good example of the big beat revolution taking place in the UK right now. The good part of this rec is that is that got rereleased in the USA. The main disappointment is the overuse of the electic guitar. However this rec has one track that makes it worth your precious duckets and it's called "Give the Po' Man A Break". This tune is another one to make it on my new tape "Breakin the Beats", so you'd better believe that the kids in my town are shaking their asses to it!

Outfission's "Weekend Favorites EP" Thunk

This is my "misty" pick of the month. I think every cut on the rec is worth playing, even the trance mix is good. This record has fresh beats, rhythms and melodies. I believe that the dudes that produce it are from Australia, but it got released as a domestic so U.S. deejays are psyched for the 4 cut EP. And yes, this has a track called "Sunday" that's on my new tape "Breakin the Beats".

The WitchDoctor "Crack Attack" City Of Angels

This record is getting mad play from what I've heard from friends in different parts of the country, although 2 of the mixes are pretty terrible. There's one mix that I really like though, called "Crack Traxx" and it's an intense acid break that steals the beat from the old hit "Slam" by Liquid Method and DJ Voodoo. It's worth the price even though only one track is playable.

"Sympathy In Chaos EP" Matsuri Productions

This record has one incredible tune called "Prana - Geomantik (Fire Dragon Mix)". This trance label amazed me with an incredible break that's pretty trancey but mixes well with just about any acid breaks or electro.

Battle Trax Presents "IBM Industrial Bass Machine" on Battle Trax

This is one FAT import! It consists of three wicked electro tunes. The title track "IBM" is your classic old school breakdance tune with a bumpin bassline. The flipside is the bomb too, check out "Devastate the Planet", the first song on side B. This tune has a quick tempo but if you slow it down it will mix well with most breaks...Incredible! The second track on side B called "Artificial Intelligence" is a slower jam that's pretty good too.

SubFunktion "Supreme Ja"

This is an import EP with 8 tracks. It's all dope electro breaks with a flavor that you don't hear often these days. You can tell that a lot of effort was put into this EP and my favorite tracks are "To the Rhythm" on side one which is excellent spacey electro. My other fave is song one on side B "X-traLarge", yet another wicked track. However, the best part of this record is the samples at the end of side B. Some nice scratchin' material.

Mekon "Phatty's Lunchbox (1997)" Wall Of Sound

This is one of those records you have to get cause it has styles galore. Trip hop, funky breaks, and even a slammin electro break to top it all off. Guitar influence on one of the slow breaks, which I feel goes a little overboard, however the other tracks more than compensate and make this import a crucial selection for most listeners.

Deejay Patti live at "Breakology"

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